History Lessons From the Great Doombledur

The World is full of Dragons, Skydonians, Goredians, and humans. There are other beasts and creatures to be found here. This is not the history of what happened but is happening now…

Oh yes by the way I am the Great and POWERFUL Doombledur! People who say otherwise have never met me…. Or at the very least remember meeting me, sometimes I am inconspicuous. Anyway I digress..

The History of this world starts as a bubbling primordial world full of volcanoes, bubbling pools of grumm… Asteroids raining from the sky as life tried time and time again to form… Many Billions of years pass before anything of importance happens… At least from the point of this lesson. For that I must pass to a time much closer to now. Only a little bit over a millennium ago.

This is about the time the Endless War started.. It is also known as the Great War, and the Very long war, and the War that never seemed to end. Obviously the war ended because we have known almost a 1000 years of unstable, shaky peace, but peace non the less. Most people do not know how it started, but I, The GREAT Doombledur was around then, and I know how it began. Over a bar wager… Wait no that’s not it… Over a Marriage… A Race? Hump I’m stumped… Oh well it will come back to me as all things do…

The war began at the battle of Clifftop with humans fighting Gordenians and loosing woefully bad. Over ten thousand men lost their lives that day. As the Gordenians pressed forward towards the kingdom of Whereever in the Provence of I don’t know, many men and women fled to Shydonians lands.

At first the Skylands accepted as many as they could as refugees. To the point where the lands swelled with to many people the islands began to sink from the heavens. Yes the Islands were floating in the heavens for all to see. The sinking of the country is what caused the Sky dwellers to join the war killing many from all sides in kamakazi air attacks. They used their wings and expansive knowledge to easily gain ground on fighting back the invasions of the others. This of course caused the humans to retaliate against them and no side was safe from war.

After almost a hundred years of war with no group close to victory… Someone a woke a great Demon named Voskos form his slumber. This Cause all sides to forget the war and focus on Voskos. After ten years and only after the Elder Dragons being risen did the demon fall to the forces…. I feel this time we may not be as lucky.

The elder Dragons evoked powers of nature and life itself to fight the chaos of Voskos. As I said no one knew who summoned Voskos and when he retreated he left behind a small boy. The vessel of his habituation. After the sum forces of all races triumphed a unsteady peace treaty was singed into existence. It forced marriage between the races of royalties. This was not perfect as each race was much more about enhancing different aspects of perfection the half breeds would fall short of perfection always. However as it stands that is how it has been the last millennium.

The boy dropped several items from his hands and remembered nothing from time he was Voskos. Those items I, the Great Doombledur hid away never to be found. Somehow they found their way back into knowledge of men…

This is now where things stand, war is on brink once again because of the actions of one ignorant man. This man is named Craig. He is a warlord, a wizard, and all around jerk. I have yet to find him and make him stop this non-sense of marring Princess Peach. If I am late maybe I will find some mindless dopes.. I mean hero’s to stop this mess from happening again.

After that, take a look at your wiki. There is some more helpful info there.

Charter Limits

*Points are now 139 with 25 disadvantages.
*Tech level is 3 with 1500 gold to start.
*While any charter is allowed to be played obvious limitations are in place. No guns. simple bombs, weapons past tech 3 are needing approval.

Current PCs

  1. Classic Barbarian – Kane – Played by long time gamer
  2. Sadistic Healer – Aurora – Played by my wife
  3. Telekinetic Brawler – Prince – Played by a beginner
  4. DM – NPC’s – Done by me

Other Notes

We do not just do G.U.R.P.S. We do other style RPGs, and can play random fun games if people want to do such. Magic, Munchkin, Zombie Dice, to name a few.

History lessons from the great doombledur