History lessons from the great doombledur

So Far....

The campaign starts at the wedding festival of Princess Peach. She is to be married to a Gordenain named Goro. However before the she gets to the castle, Peach is captured by Craig the Wizard. A fight broke out between the palace guards and Craigs’ men. This is were the adventures meet up and join the fight.
After the fight the Palace Guard captain Kraven informs the players that they need to get the prince back, and the quest begins…
The adventures find out the information on why the princess was to marry the Gordenain. It was to make peace last another generation between humans, gordenians, and skylandons. A thousand years ago a great war started between all races in the world. No one knows how the war started just that it started. In the end it was the Elder Dragons joined the war to end it. The agreement of peace is the Gordenains and humans would marry every 3rd generation, and Skylandon and humans every 2nd generation, and Gordenians and Skylandons every 1st. This is how it has been and should be for all time. Craig changed that.
The adventures found the great Doobledur, and he told them to find and stop Craig. He gave one adventurer a stone to teleport Craig to himself and stop a new war. The adventurer used it on a nest of versilix.
The adventuring party found Craigs camp as he was getting married to princess Peach. The group created a distraction, and one critical hit later Craig is out and rushed off to get healed up. After some crazy plans from the group things settle down and Craig gets healed. The group finds out that he intends to marry Peach because he loves her and wishes to stop the war before it begins. So he sends the group on a quest to find the Orb of Vashkos. They must travel north to find the forest in the icy mountains to find the dragon. Then to east to find the Skylandons and to the west to the Gordenains. This is where we are….

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