ST 10 [ ] HP 10[]
DX 12 [ 40] Will 12[]
IQ 12 [ 40] Per 12[]
HT 10 [ ] FP 10[]

Damage |Thrust |Swing | Speed 5.5[] |Move 5[]

Basic Lift 20lbs


Winged Flight[ 30]
Affliction 3 Sonic Screech Costs 4FP/use; Max 4 times day; Hearing Based only[ 57]
Mind Reading “Touch only; Universial” [ 36]


Easy to Read [ -10]
Cannot Speak [ -15]
Skinny [ -5]


Affliction is changeable in levels. However the race has wings, and does not speak.


Skylandons are a race of Bat like creatures. They range in hues from blue to red. The race is very intelligent but cannot speak in audible sounds. The race stands between 4.5 and 6 feet tall. Women of the race stand taller then men. The race stays mostly to the clouds, on floating islands by the eastern border of the world.

As a whole, the race is very civilized and do their best to keep up with information from all over the world. The race is skilled in magics, and has developed telepathic abilities. They are easy to read because they speak to others outside of the race via body and sign language.

Young fledglings do not understand why they are to keep quiet, and will sometimes shout causing damage, stampedes, and other disasters. The men of the race do most of the food collecting at night, by collect fruits of high tops of trees and swooping down on top of animals. These reasons are why most people who see Skylandons at night think them to be demons or bringers of death and destruction.

The Floating Islands of Sin’ Costan is the area the Skylandons call home. Several thousand years have past since the land rose. Over the time the people changed and evolved due to strong magics. No one knows why or how they floated into the sky, however some believe it was Voskos original awaking. That is a time no one remembers. The islands are several in a spiral. They flow in counter clockwise direction, taking a full week to cycle. They are also stair cased in style, the lowest island floating some 100 feet off the ground.


History lessons from the great doombledur t1sfuzzy