Gordenain Race


Radical Traits for Gordenain

ST 14 [ 40]   HP 14[]

DX 12 [ 40]   Will 11[]

IQ 11 [ 20]   Per 11[]

HT 10 [ ]    FP 10[]

Damage |Thrust 1d   |Swing 2d   | Speed 5.5[]  |Move 5[]

Basic Lift 39lbs


Extra Arms (2) [ 20]

Tough Skin 1 [ 5]

Extra Attack 1 [ 25]


Intolerance [ -10]

Sense of Duty (Nation) [ -10]



None except “Extra Arms (2)” all others are optional. They also use magic or Psionics. They are smaller in number among the general population.


Gordenains are a race of humanoid beings. They stand on the high end about six to seven feet tall. The race is intelligent, and quite knowledgeable. However brute force is the way most Gordenains settle arguments. The race as a whole believe it is through direct actions can the past be not redone. The race also ordains their skin in elaborate tattoos to blend into forested areas. They also have tough skin, and four arms. Each arm can operate independently from the other.

Outside of the Grand Desert Oasis Ko’lo’zul home of Gordenains, most of the race are warrior class. They travel in groups of 3 or 4 in order to hunt escaped slaves. It gives most other inhabitants of the world the impression that the whole race is full of hateful single-minded bullies. With the thousand-year treaty in place Gordenains are free to roam and imprison others who help slaves escape. This has lead to some battles leaving the towns in disrepair.

Slaves of Gordenains easily identified by tattoos, and by a set of bracelets all own. These bracelets give the user an extra set of arms. The smarter slaves ditch the bracelets quickly, since anyone caught wearing them are assumed slaves. Tattooed or not.

Rare merchants will sell them to unsuspecting travelers, or back to hunting parties. They are useful items. Though almost useless to those who do not know how to activate and control the bracelets.

The Grand Desert Oasis Ko’lo’zul is home to the royal family. It is a large metropolis with over 20,000 visitors, and over 100,000 Gordenains. The city is divided between five districts. Each specializing in different wares and specialties. The castle is centralized, and the royal family is not seen except for required procession.


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