Doombledur is a wizard old and very wise.


Doombledur is a wizard of great things, small and very big. Hes as crazy as he seems, but still sane enough to know it. He seems to know everyone and everything, and can appear out of nowhere. He is an old man. He looks very unkempt and disorganized.
Doombledur will show up randomly but always on time as wizards do. He does as he needs and will seem to have something the players need, he just doesn’t understand what its for.
Doomledur has problems with most the races on the planet, not just the humanoids. He especially hates bugs. The biggest person he hates though is Craig.
Doombledur knows what Craig is planning and knows he needs to stop it. While the war will be big, dangerous, and longer than the last; it is not the major concern. He hopes that the group he has selected will help prevent what is to come.


History lessons from the great doombledur t1sfuzzy